South West FAQ.

1. What are the costs involved in doing Impact Training: South West?

The fees for the 2014-15 training will be £1350.

2. What are the training dates for Impact Training: South West?


3th-9th September

6th-8th October

1st-3rd December


4th-8th January (Centre Parcs)

16th-18th February

15th-17th March

3th-5th May

7th-9th June

3. Where can I stay if I choose to do Impact Training: South West?

During training blocks in Bristol you will be hosted by members of City Church Bristol and Bridge Community Church n their homes.

4. Who will be my FP mentor whilst I do Impact Training: South West?

Your mentor will be based at your project (home) church. They will meet with you regularly to discuss your progress throughout the year, and any challenges you are facing.
Is there an option to do an overseas trip with the Impact Training: Mid UK base?
Yes there will be an option for a few to join a trip to U:Day in India on short term mission in October. The costs of this trip will be additional to the costs of FP training. The application for this trip closes in May 2014.

5. What is the application process for Impact Training: South West?

To apply please download the application form above, complete it as fully as you can and send it to