Mid-UK FAQs.

Impact Training from Catalyst on Vimeo.

1. What are the costs involved in doing Impact Training: Mid UK?

£1350 for the year (early September to end of June /early July). This includes all training costs at Bedford (including accommodation and food) and Centreparcs week (apart from food). Costs associated with time at the host church are not covered. All fees need to be paid by mid-December, unless prior arrangements have been made.

It is possible to do one term – usually September to December or January to Easter. Please apply for details if interested in this option.

2. What are the training dates for Impact Training: Mid UK?


September 2015 – Tuesday 8th to Tuesday 15th Sept
November 2015 – Monday 2nd to Friday 6th
January 2016 – Monday 4th to Friday 8th (Centreparcs)
March 2016 – Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th
April 2016 – Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd
June / July 2016 – Wednesday 29th to Friday July 1st


September 2016 – Thurs 8th to Thurs 15th  Sept
November 2016 –Mon 7th  to Friday 11th
January 2017  Monday 8th to Friday 12th (Centreparcs)
March 2017 – Tuesday 7th to Friday 10th
April 2017 – Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th
June  2017 – Weds 28th to Friday 30th

3. Where is training held and where can I stay if I choose to do Impact Training: Mid UK?

We train at Woodside Church, Dover Crescent, Bedford MK 41 8QH, other than in January.  We provide hosts for you during training at Bedford, usually with families from one of the Newfrontiers churches. Typically, you stay with the same family each time you come. 

4. Should I stay at my home church or do my church placement elsewhere?

Good question! The best place to start is to talk to your own church leader and open up a conversation as to what might work best for everyone. It might be that staying put will serve you and your home church really well and that seems the obvious way forward. However, it might be that you have grown up in your church and want a different experience or what you want to do your home church isn’t currently involved in (eg student work or working with the homeless), so moving elsewhere might be better. If that is the case, apply and indicate that on your application and we will do the rest. Pray and commit your way to God – he has plans for you and it isn’t quite as tricky as you might think!

5. What support will I receive during my year on Impact Training: Mid-UK?

We will give you as much support as you need during the training blocks and we are always contactable via email/ skype/ phone at other times. Your host church will give you time with your project leader as well as a discipler, who you will meet with regularly and with whom you can chat and pray about everything. We also have a mechanism for regular contact from you and your church in the first term to make sure everything is settling down well. 

6. Is there an option to do an overseas trip with the Impact Training: Mid UK base?

Yes! This year a team are going for 11 days to Albania in June to help a church in Elbasan with their children’s work, practical tasks, church services as well as getting to know the culture. The cost is extra to the fees (About £500 – £550) and many who are going are organising some amazing fund raising activities. Last year’s trip was life-changing and we expect the same this year!

7. What is the application process for Impact Training: Mid UK?

Speak to a church leader first, as you want their wisdom (as well as their signature on the application form!). Download and complete the application form and then send it to us. We will then take up a reference from your church and arrange for an interview (usually in Bedford or at the Catalyst festival or Newday, if you are going). We will confirm acceptance, if appropriate, and ask you to confirm your place along with a £50 non-refundable payment, which is the first part of your fees. We are happy to receive your application form any time from March 1st up to 21st August – if it is later than that please phone to see if a later application is still possible.
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